In Floor Heating

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AdobeStock 289705481In-floor heating continues to be a popular and cost-effective method of heating individual rooms or entire homes. Solid Plumbing and Heating LLC in Durango provides professional in-floor heating installation. And, we can work with you to fit the needs of any home layout or budget restraints you may have.

Are you tired of stepping onto an ice-cold bedroom floor when you wake up in the morning? Or how about Chilly tiles when you get out of the shower? With in-floor heating, you can put away your slippers. You’ll step onto a warm floor in bare feet every day. This type of heating may be less expensive and faster to install than you might think. Also referred to as radiant heating, it not only warms up the floor, but it regulates the ambient air temperature. An effect that can dramatically lower energy costs. Radiant floor heating uses thin cables installed under ceramic tile or hardwood floors to radiate heated air onto the surface. There are also above the floor options, which heat the flooring material rather than the subfloor.

Solid Plumbing and Heating LLC has the electrical expertise to complete in-floor heating installations. Our team can examine the current electrical system to determine if a new circuitry will be needed. By inspecting the style and quality of materials, they can make sure the floor is suitable for radiant heating. They also check for the type and durability of the current building’s insulation and climate. All of these elements are reviewed before installation. Recommendations are made for modifications, if applicable, to ensure a safe and efficient radiant heating installation.

To learn more about the benefits and installation process of in-floor heating, contact Solid Plumbing today to schedule a consultation and quote.

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