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Drain Cleaning

Solid Plumbing in Durango provides a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties in the Southwest Colorado area.

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New Installations

Our experienced staff works professionally with contractors on installations for newly constructed homes as well as businesses. We can handle new installations of everything from water heaters and boilers to toilets and sinks. Our team can also install showers, kitchen sinks, dishwasher hookups, garbage disposals, laundry tub faucets, floor drains. Not to mention and new water and sewer lines. From start to finish we can handle the plumbing for your new construction.
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Fixture Repairs

If your home or business needs to replace or upgrade an old or broken unit, Solid Plumbing can remove your old water heater, boiler, faucet, shower head, garbage disposal, furnace, or AC unit; then replace it with a new, more energy efficient unit. We have products to fit any size property from a single-family ranch home to a multi-family apartment complex or large commercial building.
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Drain Cleaning

We provide expert drain cleaning to ensure optimal functionality. Drains that are draining slower than normal or even not at all require attention to prevent further clogging. We are happy to provide service for kitchen sinks, bathtubs, basement drains, and more, with 300+ feet of extra long cable.

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Plumbing Repairs

Solid Plumbing is available to fix any minor or major plumbing problem you have. This includes leaks in your faucets, water heaters, or pipes, clogs or backups, water pressure adjustments, hard water remedies, and many other repairs. We can fix your toilet, shower, garbage disposal, faucet, or drain. We can also make repairs to your furnace or AC unit.

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