Shutting Radiant Heat Off for Spring

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March 30, 2020

If you rely on radiant heat to keep your Durango home warm throughout the winter, you’re probably just about ready to shut the system off. Spring is here, and days are warming up. At Solid Plumbing, we love radiant heating for its hassle-free functionality. But, even though caring for a radiant heating system is pretty low maintenance, there are still a few tasks that you need to do each spring. Here are some tips to help prepare your radiators and boiler for warmer LaPlata County weather, so you can turn your radiant heat system off until next winter.

Adjust The Valves

With radiant heat, there are a couple of components that control the flow of thermal energy. The first component is the thermostat, which you’ll want to shut off to prevent the system from turning on. The other component is the valves that control the flow of hot water from the boiler to the radiator. Make sure to set your valves to only provide hot water for potable use. Doing this will prevent the natural flow of hot water from your boiler to your radiant heat system. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently heat your home when you are trying to keep it cool.

Close Your Radiators 

Your radiators will have an adjustable valve or knob on them. This knob allows you to control the flow of hot water. As the temperatures rise, you’ll want to make sure that the valves are completely closed and the water flow is cut off. This will prevent you from inadvertently heating your home when you want to be cooling it. If your radiator is off, but it still feels warm, double-check that all the valves are completely closed.

Service Your Boiler

Before you can call your maintenance finished, you’ll want to be sure and service the boiler. If you use the same boiler for heating potable water, make sure it’s heating to the right temperature. If you use a propane water heater system during the warmer months, have a fuel service help with maintenance and preparing your fuel tank.

See You Next Winter

Radiant heating is indeed low maintenance, and provided you put your system to bed properly each Spring it will continue to heat your home for years to come. If you need help shutting down your system for the winter or servicing your boiler for the Summer, give us a call here at Solid Plumbing in Bayfield. We’ll be more than happy to help. 

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